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First Aid Treatment For Electric Shock


1) Danger If you suspect someone has received an electric shock you must ensure all power sources are isolated before you can treat the casualty. High Voltage Overhead power cables are an example of a power source generating high voltage electricity. High voltage electricity has the ability to ‘jump’ or ‘arc’ up to distances of 18 meters or over. If …

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What are The 5 Most Commonly Used Fire Extinguishers?

Most Commonly Used Fire Extinguishers

There are a variety of the fire extinguishers you can utilize to enhance your fire safety. The five most commonly used fire extinguishers are water, foam, powder, the carbon dioxide, and the wet chemical. There are also more specialized fire extinguishers including the Halon, clean agent extinguishers FE-36 and the powder fire extinguishers such as the class D fire extinguishers …

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