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Most Essential Places To Keep Your Fire Extinguisher

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You know that the fire extinguishers are necessary on every door in the home and at the
workplace, but are you conscious of the best rooms to keep the fire extinguisher? While having
the fire extinguisher is essential, that’s the only one step of being prepared for at the fire emergency at work.

To honestly keep your home and the once safe, you need to keep your extinguishers maintained and up-to-date on the inspections dates, and put them in the correct rooms that are at the highest risk of the fire.

The Kitchen

The most significant room to store the fire extinguisher in is the kitchen or mess, as 65 percent of all the fires start in the kitchen or mess. This is especially important when because most kitchen fires involve the grease, and grease fires burn very hot and can’t be put out with the water.

Don’t keep the extinguisher near to the stove, as the last thing you need is for flames to reach your fire
protection and prevention equipment. The fire extinguisher should be about 30 feet from the stove – meaning it can be kept in the next room over for the small kitchens, as long as you have the easy access.

Not all the fire extinguishers are made the identical, so be sure you have a Class K extinguisher in the kitchen or mess. This fire extinguisher is used for the fighting cooking fires and is intended to put out the fires caused by the vegetable oils and the animal fats.

Laundry Room

Another common room for the house fire to start in the laundry room, especially the dryer machine. The lint in the dryer is very flammable and can catch fire because of the height or immense temperatures of the machine or equipment.

To reduce the possibility of a dryer fire, be assured to clean or wash the lint trap after every load. Also, the dryer exhaust tube could fill with the lint, which should be cleaned or wiped out every six months. But as we all know, that fire extinguisher is the best safety tools for the fire prevention and protection, so make sure you also have an extinguisher nearby to you in case of an emergency at work.

Sources Of Heat And Electricity

In the home, the fire extinguisher should be kept near the potential fire hazards, including the replaces
and the furnaces. In the once, any areas with the electrical panels and multiple tools or appliances should have a fire extinguisher nearby.

The electrical fires are common in the offices that use a lot of electricity, mainly when there is a combination of the electric circuits and the hot appliances in the same room.

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