9 Workplace Safety Secrets You Need To Know


Protecting your employees can be a challenging proposition. The modern workplace can be a loud and dangerous place that exposes your workers to hazards that are unique to your workplace. For this reason, it’s critically important that managers and employees alike understand what they can do to ensure each employee goes home safely after every … Read more

How To Use The Toolbox Talks


The Toolbox Talks materials provide support for brief presentations and discussions about a series of safety and health hazards. For each topic, there is information that can first be read to the audience. Each topic also includes several questions that can be used to guide brief discussions. During the discussions, workers are encouraged to relate … Read more

Basic Forklift Safety Practices – Forklift Safety Rules

Forklifts are best labour saving devices. They preserve time and lessen the probability of injury linked with manual material handling exercises. Though, forklifts can become very dangerous for the workers if operated by a reckless or inexperienced operator. All the operators should obtain safety training before being authorised to perform or to work with the … Read more

Controlling Risks From Compressed Gases


Compressed Gases Safety Key considerations for safe storage and handling of gas cylinders include: Maintaining and regularly checking cylinders, regulators, hoses and pipes to cylinders to ensure that there are no leaks or dents. Storing cylinders in an upright position to ensure the safety device functions correctly. Securing cylinders to prevent dislodgement. Transport cylinders with … Read more