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Basic Forklift Safety Practices – Forklift Safety Rules

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Forklifts are best labour saving devices. They preserve time and lessen the probability of injury linked with manual material handling exercises. Though, forklifts can become very dangerous for the workers if operated by a reckless or inexperienced operator. All the operators should obtain safety training before being authorised to perform or to work with the forklift.

Forklift accidents lead to be very severe, including both personal injury and damage to property. These accidents can avoid if operators use some basic knowledge and follow safe operating methods. Don’t operate a forklift till you have adequately prepared, trained and allowed or authorized to do so.

Basic Forklift Safety Practices

Here are a few general safety practices to follow during forklift operation:

Use the seat belt. It will keep you secured in the seat in the unplanned event of a tip over.

A parked forklift should have the forks at on the floor with the controls set to neutral and with the parking brake set.

A forklift is supposed to be “unattended” if the operator is more than 25 feet away or if the forklift is out of the direct vision or sight of the operator. Untended forklifts should be placed or parked with the power turned off.

When operating the forklift on inclines, the load should always be on the uphill side of the slope. Drive forward going up the incline. Drive backwards going down the incline.

When travelling without a load on the forks, keep the forks around four to six inches off the floor.

Nevermore allow anyone to walk beneath a raised load. Stop at all blind corners to check for other traffic
in the area. That includes other forklifts and pedestrians. Sound your horn and look before you progress or proceed.

If carrying a tall load that block your ahead vision, drive in reverse and turn your head so you can see where you are going.

If operating around other forklifts maintain a three-forklift length distance between forklifts and never attempt passing.

Nevermore drive a forklift up to the back of a person who is ignorant that the forklift is behind them.

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