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Types of Injury that Could Cause By The Incorrect Manual Handling & Factors to Consider that Affect the Risk Of Injury

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Types Of Injury:

The injury that could be caused by the incorrect manual handling of loads including:

  • Spinal disc compression or prolapsed disc,
  • Strains to tendons or muscles,
  • A hernia, dislocation or fracture of bones,
  • Cuts and abrasions and crushing or impact injuries.

Factors to Consider:

Factors in relation to the load that will affect the risk of injury, Such as:

  • The size, weight, and shape of the load,
  • The possibility that the contents might move or the load become unbalanced,
  • The position of the center of Gravity,
  • Difficulty in securing a firm grasp of the load,
  • The presence of sharp edges and
  • The possibility that the contents of the load might be hazardous.


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