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Why Carry Out Risk Assessments & Prepare a Safety Statement?

Why Carry Out Risk Assessments

Carrying out risk assessments, preparing and implementing a safety statement and keeping both up to date will not in themselves prevent accidents and ill health but they will play a crucial part in reducing their likelihood. The aim is to make sure that no one gets hurt or becomes ill. Accidents and ill health can ruin lives and can affect …

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What is Risk Assessment & Safety Statement?

What is Risk Assessment and Safety Statement

What is Risk Assessment and Safety Statement WHAT IS A RISK ASSESSMENT? Section 19 of the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 requires that employers and those who control workplaces to any extent must: Identify the hazards in the workplaces under their control Assess the risks presented by these hazards In this context, a hazard is something with …

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What are the Five Steps of Risk Assessment?

Five Steps of Risk Assessment

Five Steps of Risk Assessment A risk assessment is an important step in protecting your workers and your business, as well as complying with the law. It helps you focus on the risks that really matter in your workplace – the ones with the potential to cause real harm. In many instances, straightforward measures can readily control risks, for example …

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Goals and Objectives of a Risk Assessment

Goals and Objectives of Risk Assessment

The main objective of risk assessment is to determine the measures required by the organization to comply with the relevant health and safety legislation and, thereby, decrease the level of the occupational injuries and the ill health. The goal is to help the employer or the self-employed person to define the measures required to comply with their legal statutory duty …

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How to Do a Risk Assessment?

How to Do a Risk Assessment

How to do a Risk Assessment All hazards have the potential to cause different types and severities of harm, ranging from minor discomfort to a serious injury or death. For example, heavy liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders can cause muscle strain when they are handled manually. However, if the cylinder is damaged causing gas to leak which is then ignited, …

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