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The Problem With Tool Box Talks – And How To Fix It

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Problem With Tool Box Talks

There’s a problem with toolbox talks, in that they are just not being done as often as they should be (if at all).

If this sounds like your workplace, then don’t worry you are not alone.

Many of our clients and indeed on many of the sites we have visited, it is reported that very few toolbox talks are carried out.

It’s not that the management doesn’t understand the importance of toolbox talks, or that they are important for providing the information instruction and training that their team requires.

It’s not even that they just simply forget.

More often than not, it’s that when they come to do a toolbox talk, they don’t have anything prepared, and so it’s put on the to-do list for another day.

But toolbox talks should ideally be done daily, or at least weekly, to really see any benefit.

Once they become part of the routine, the results of improvements in health and safety culture and knowledge in the workforce are always positive.

So how can we fix this problem?

You can fix this with time and resources.

But to be honest, not even that much time or resources, it just takes a little bit of planning.

You can prepare your toolbox talks yourself, and have them ready to deliver. This is great if you have a good knowledge of the information you want to give and for the site or business specific rules or topics.

If you don’t have any resources to hand and don’t know where to start, we have prepared some handy toolbox talk downloads so you can be good to go in a couple of clicks.

Once you have the resources in place, it’s just simply a case of getting your team together to deliver the talk.

Yes, this does take time but remember, toolbox talks should only be 5 – 10 minutes long, on a single subject.

So, you can get your talks in place quickly and easily. Fix the problem with toolbox talks in just 2 steps.

  1. Prepare your talk
  2. Deliver your talk

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