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Main Purpose Of First Aid Treatment & Factor to Consider When Making Assessment Of First Aid Provision

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Identify two main purpose of first aid treatment.

Outline the factors to consider when making an assessment of first aid provision in a workplace.

Part (a)

Two main purposes of first-aid treatment are,

  • Firstly, the preservation of life and/or the minimization of the consequences of injury until medical help is obtained and,
  • Secondly, the treatment of minor injuries that would not receive or do not need medical attention.

Part (b)

Required factors such as:

  • The size of the organisation;
  • The distribution and composition of the workforce including the special needs of workers such as trainees, young workers and the disabled;
  • The types of hazard and level of risk present;
  • The past history of accidents and their type, location and consequences;
  • The proximity of the workplace to emergency medical services;
  • The special needs of travelling, remote or lone workers such as the provision of personal first aid kits or mobile phones;
  • The possibility of shared provision on multi-occupancy sites;
  • The need to train the first aid personnel in special procedures;
  • The ability to provide continued cover over different shifts and for sickness, leave and other absence.



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