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The Importance Of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

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The Importance Of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

More often than not business owners are not paying the attention to their fire extinguishers
until they need to use them. However, the fire extinguisher is often the best method of the fire
protection that can prevent the fire from growing.

Having a properly working fire extinguisher is code required for all the commercial facilities.
Every public facility must undergo the annual testing on all the fire extinguishers located in their

Since the fire extinguishers are used so often during a fire emergency, having one that works is
essential for any public facility or the business enterprise.

Notice The Tags

Ever examine a fire extinguisher and find tags attached to it? These tags indicate when that
specific fire extinguisher was inspected. This information can provide the building owners vital
information regarding the maintenance of their fire extinguisher.

Always Seek The Service Of A Professional

Fire extinguishers are more complicated than most people realize.  That is why it is important
to find a professional to conduct the regular inspections on fire extinguishers. These
professionals look for a number of things when conducting the annual inspections.

Annual inspections will examine whether there was any tampering or signs of the damage to
the fire extinguisher which could result in it not working. Also, these inspections will look for the
correct pressure which is the necessary component of a properly working fire extinguisher.

In addition, professionals are able to check whether there is the proper volume of the extinguishing agent inside. Lastly, yearly inspections will provide insight into the amount of free-owing powder within the fire extinguisher.

Thorough Inspections

In addition to the annual inspection, fire extinguishers require a thorough six-year inspection and twelve-year inspection (known as a hydro test).  During the six-year test, the technician will empty, refill and the pressurize the fire extinguisher.

The hydro test every twelve years involves emptying the extinguisher and the filling it with pressurized water.  This identifies if there are any leaks or the corrosion.  The extinguisher is then dried and relled
and pressurized.

These thorough inspections will work step-by-step to ensure that all fire extinguishers in our building are in proper working order.

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