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Common Mistakes People Make With Fire Extinguishers

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While a fire extinguisher is a vital tool to fight the fires,it can be very severe and dangerous when in the hands of someone that doesn’t know how to use or handle it properly.

Everyone at the workplace should know how to use or control a fire extinguisher at work in case
of an emergency, but unfortunately, not the everyone is practised and taught the basics of how
to use and manage the fire safety equipment at work in case of fire emergency.

Not Reading Instructions

Everyone should read the instructions and guidance on a fire extinguisher as a part of the fire safety training, but even if you’ve nevermore read them before the fire starts, take time to read
the directions or commands on how to use the tool instantly.

Not understanding the instructions or guidance may result in dangerous misuse of the equipment, and even small familiarity of how to use or control the tool or safety device can protect you in case of a fire

Rushing To Stop A Fire

When a fire occurs, many people rush to get the fire safety equipment without stopping to think
of their safety from fire. A fire accident causes depression and stress, but it is necessary to do
your best to remain calm and think about your actions about controlling the fire.

If the fire is enormous to stop or settle with the fire extinguisher and there are the possibilities
that you will be injured or affected by trying to fight the fire, leave the building quickly and call at

Standing Too Close

The distance between the fire and the fire extinguisher is very critical, but many people stand
much too close to the fire when operating the safety equipment. While standing too far away
will not ease or help to extinguish the fire, standing too close is very dangerous for you as you
put yourself at the risk of being burned.

Also, using the fire extinguisher too close to the fire can spread and increase the flames when
shooting or applying the pressurised agent. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
suggests standing about 8 feet away from the fire to extinguisher.

Leaving A Freshly Extinguished Fire

Once you extinguished the fire, then the last thing you should do is to turn around and leave the room quickly. The fire starts easily again from the small spark, and it may not be put out when
you imagine it is. Observe the area & search the room for any signs that the fire is not the entirely extinguished, then leave the area when you think it is safe.


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